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A Delicious Blend of Vanilla & Spice Essential Oils. This Shea Butter Based Whipped Body Butter is packed with vitamins and minerals to keep your skin moisturized hydrated and glowing all year long.No toxins or Parabens, made with Raw Organic Shea & Cocao Butter, Organic jojoba Oil & Organic Raw Coconut Oil. Natural oils are what keeps the life and natural glow to our skin and that’s exactly what this delicious, body butter is full of. Whipped to perfection for a lighter texture than your average Body Butter it contains natures purest and best natural skin moisturizers combined with beautiful aromas of pure essential oils make for a dream come true that will love your skin unconditionally and work its miracles even during our harsh winters!

Vanilla Spice Whipped Body Butter

  •  *Virgin Shea Butter, *Virgin Cocoa Butter, *Virgin Coconut Oil, *Jojoba Oil, Corn Starch, *Vanilla Essential Oil, *Cinnamon Bark Oil, *Ginger Oil, *Clove Bud Oil.

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