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About Us


Located in Rural Smoky River, Alberta & named Ember after their youngest daughter,  Krystal & Garret Niven began their business venture in 2018.  It all started after much frustration with main stream skin care and  bath & body products.  Paying top dollar for products which claimed to be “natural” yet were filled with chemicals and toxins sent the couple down a path of holistic education,  experimentation and creation.  With a love and belief in keeping products pure, simple and using the power of plants and nature resulted in the birth of the ever expanding product line available today.  Certified in Herbalism, Soap Making,  Aromatherapy, Chakra Healing and more, Krystal & Garret love sharing the power of in creating small batch products filled with love and intention. Their Business is run solely by the two of them - creating, sourcing, making, labeling, marketing and more. This not only keeps them busy but keeps the roots of the business small, humble and honest in all they do while also allowing them to offer extraordinary high quality organic products at very affordable prices.

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