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What is Unakite?

Unakite is an altered form of granite, composed of pink orthoclase Feldspar, green Epidote and Clear Quartz.


Unakite Associations

Chakras - Heart Chakra

Zodiac - Scorpio

Planet - Mars & Venus

Element - Fire & Water

Numerical Vibration - Number 9

Typical colours - shades of green and pink: mottled


Healing with Unakite

•Balances physical emotions •Grounding

Unakite is a stone of vision. It balances emotions with spirituality. Unakite provides grounding when needed. It facilitates rebirthing, gently releasing conditions that inhibit spiritual and psychological growth.

Unakite supports convalescence and recovery from major illness. It treats the reproductive system and stimulates healthy pregnancies while facilitating the health of the unborn child. Unakite enhances weight gain, where required and aids the growth of skin tissue and hair.

Unakite - Tumbled Stone

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