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For more mature skin types, the high antioxidant content in our Rose Facial Toner will protect skin cells against damage, encouraging healthy skin cell turnover for reduced pigmentation and boosted collagen levels. This means that our Rose Toner is very helpful for those combatting UV damage or compromised skin tissue due environmental factors or skin weakening over time. The reduced lipid levels and slower collagen production that occur in our skin as it ages can be effectively treated with the essential fatty acids present in rose hydrosol, which strengthen the skin’s lipid layer while plumping and firming for reduced fine lines. For more blemish-prone skin types, our Rose Toner is also an effective antidote. A potent anti-inflammatory, applying rose water topically means soothed skin and reduced redness and inflammation. For those suffering from acne, rose water toner is super helpful when it comes to cleansing clogged pores, while still maintaining the integrity of the lipid barrier. And due to its antibacterial properties, a rose toner can drastically reduce the size and severity of active blemishes, plus the natural astringent properties mean that it can clean pores, tighten capillaries and remove excess sebum.

Rose Toner

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  • Rose Hydrosol, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, Rose & Frankincense Essential Oil

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