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Our Mineralized Filtered Alkaline Blue Solar  Water is charged daily with direct sunlight in our 600 square foot solarium shop.  Originating from ancient Hawaiian tradition and science, sunlight coupled with blue glass can act as a water purification system - a blue glass water bottle that, when left in sunlight, transforms water into purified healing water. When held in blue glass, water is reminded of its pure essence, and returns to its original innocence. The deep blue color brings water back to Zero Point, where it is healed of any and all discordant frequencies it may have accumulated on its way into your bottle. By clearing the energy, you are providing the opportunity for your water to then truly hold the frequency and blueprint of your chosen intentions. Rooted in colour therapy or chromotherapy, penetration of sunlight through blue glass changes the chemical, physical, and biological properties of the water, creating a super water that can potentially provide things like improved hydration, clearer thoughts, and less stress. So by carrying your water in a Blue Glass Water Bottle, you are honoring your water with the highest vibration frequency for water. The science behind solarized water is that when a bottle is left in the sun long enough, the heat and ultraviolet radiation of the sunlight kill bacteria and various other pathogens. 

Mineral Filtered Alkaline Blue Solar Charged Water - 1 Litre

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