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Prepared by infusing green tea leaves with night-blooming jasmine flowers for several consecutive nights, Jasmine tea is one of the best known China Green teas, originating from the Song Dynasty around 1000CE. Cultivated at altitudes over 1500ft, this popular tea has a clean and delicate taste with the subtle yet exquisite aroma of jasmine blossoms, reminiscent of summery evenings and gentle breezes.


Green Tea (Camelia Sinensis)


Serving Size: 2.5g /cup

Steeping Temp: 175 F°C

Steeping Time: 2 mins.

Origin: China

Caffeine: Medium Light

Certification: Organic

Grade or Quality: Leaf

Aroma: Jasmine, earthy

Infusion Aroma: Faint jasmine

Infusion Color: Amber

Infusion Strength: Medium

Story, Folklore, History:

The Birth of the Jasmine Blossom:Kama, the Indian God of Love, often adorns his arrows with fragrant flowers including jasmine blossoms to better pierce the hearts and desires of this targets. It is said in Hindu Mythology, that in a fight between Shiva and Kama (the God of Love), Kama dropped his bow and it broke into five pieces, each piece becoming different trees, one of which transforms into the five-petalled white Jasmine.

Jasmine Green - Organic

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