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The pyramid is a symbol of positivism, achievement and unity. Helps to access the unknown universal knowledge and have the wisdom to understand it. It is a powerful thought amplifier.

Infinite Serpents is a powerful stone used in healing the etheric body. Its vibrations cleanse the aura and offer up a protective “shield” to block anything negative that may attach to you. It’s a great stone for use in meditation, and is highly recommended for outdoor meditation. It connects to earth’s energies and channels the kundalini energy from within. Infinite unlocks the heart and pulls any emotional trauma to the surface. The Infinite Serpentine forces you to overcome past trauma so that you may begin to heal. It raises your vibrational energies and will help overcome the feeling of constant fatigue or lack of energy. It has also been a stone associated with wealth and prosperity. This stone promotes abundance and helps people ease into new life beginnings without discomfort.

Shapes and Sizes may vary as these products are handmade.

Infinite Serpentine

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