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Infinite Serpentine is considered a healer’s stone, it supports the digestive track, assist in rebalancing of the digestion and releasing stomach complaints. It is a good blood detoxifier and is believed to aid longevity. This gemstone is excellent at removing parasites from the system, the skin and hair. It is said to remove warts, ease skin inflammation eczema and varicose veins. It assists in the absorption of calcium and magnesium that is excellent for a healthy brain; therefore it is recommended for the treatment of Alzheimers and senile dementia. Infinite Serpentine helps with pain relief, especially muscular or menstrual cramps.

Infinite Serpentine protects the Aura and assists in grounding the energy field to the Earth, increasing energy levels. Serpentine clears the blockages of the Hara Line and assist in expanding its ability to hold energy. When holding Serpentine, you may feel a strong sense of downward pull of energy that may by a bit uncomfortable. 

Infinite Serpentine assists in letting go of negative thoughts and keeps your mind focused on positive thoughts. It is beneficial in clearing of emotional baggage and imbalances. Assists in speaking out about past issues, in order to release them. Beneficial in peaceful conflict solving. 

Infinite Serpentine assists in opening the Heart Chakra, and finding inner peace. This is a prosperity gemstone and is a good fortune (lucky) gemstone.


In meditation, ​Infinite Serpentine will keep you grounded, open your Chakras (especially the Crown) and assist you in reaching higher depths of consciousness. Beneficial in Shamanic journey work, it opens your psychic abilities and assists in past lives recall. Serpentine strengthens communication with animals, plants and the Earth.

When using Serpentine in crystal grids, it pairs well with Jade, Moonstone and Tiger Eye.

Infinite Serpentine - Tumbled

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