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An obelisk is in a way an antenna for receiving the energies that circulate around. It acts as a security when, despite the shields we have already put in place, negative energies are still likely to pass. They are naturally captured by the obelisk. Like all antennas, obelisks are also very good transmitters and are very useful in long-distance caregiving.

Honey Calcite is an empowering stone. It increases feelings of self worth, confidence and courage. Honey Calcite awakens your third eye chakra and can help you communicate with the higher realms. It can even help you to see into the future. Honey Calcite increases and intensifies the energy of other crystals. It can attract success and abundance into your life. It boosts positive energy and facilitates harmony and peace.

Shapes, Sizes and Colours will vary as these are natural stones and carved by hand.

Honey Calcite Polished Obelisk 2”

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