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From head and face to foot and toe, this smooth, easily applied salve is for all skin types and applications.  Made with organic hemp seed oil and coconut oil,  this salve is easily absorbed as it deeply moisturizes and replenishes dry and cracked skin while also offering a lasting layer of protection.  The salve is infused with a blend of seven natural plant extracts and oils each with their own benefits.  The natural ingredients can reduce redness, relieve itching and promote new skin cell growth. Use on other forms of acne dermatitis, burns, wounds, fungus and insect bites.  This natural blend is highly antibacterial and antimicrobial and is such can protect the skin from fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Citrus Hemp Body Salve 100g

  • Scoop out desired amount with fingers and apply to skin. Massage in thoroughly. Repeat as necessary.

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