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The cost of these paintings is a donation of your choice (minimum $80 please) - proceeds will be donated to WISE school of Edmonton to help nurture young minds with a natural and creative learning environment. 

To purchase please use the chat button to contact us so we can add the price to your order. Thank you 

Two 12X12 paintings on Canvas by Zachary Groves. 

These pieces are inspired by Rihanna’s “Diamonds”

Zachary is an artist with Fragile X Syndrome and Autism from Edmonton AB. He loves and is inspired by music. He also loves to paint. Zachary listens to a song and then puts down on canvas what he hears and feels in the song.  Some of his favourite artists are Bruno Mars, Shania Twain and the Glee cast. Though he will paint any song that catches his attention or that someone asks for.

You can find more Zachary’s work on Facebook, Musical Canvases Page.

Canvas Set - 12x12

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