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Choose from a reusable glass jar or a sleek black bag filled with our one of a kind bath soak. Made with a blend of natural salts and baking soda to help draw toxins out of your body, added oils and powders for amazing moisture and softness.  We've added dried rose petals and our very own tantalizing blend of rose & jasmine essential oils for the ultimate , luxurious, aromatherapy experience- this soak will leave your skin soft and supple and glowing! Not only will you have gorgeous soft skin but this bath soak can be used as theraputic aromatic way to relax and heal your mind and your heart. Did you know that your heart chakra is imbalanced, you can have feelings of depression, abandonment, anger, loss of trust, bitterness, fear of loving, as well as over-loving to the point of suffocation? When your heart chakra is balanced you feel joy, gratitude, love and compassion, forgiveness flows freely, and trust is gained. Take the time for self love, for a romantic evening with your partner or gift to a loved one!

Self Love Detox Bath Soak

  • Dead sea salt, himalayan pink salt, epsom salt, baking soda, organic unrefined coconut oil, dried rose petals, arrowroot powder, rose & jasmine essential oils.

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