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With Turmeric, Cinnamon and Black Pepper

Here at Maple Greenview Honey, we believe healthy hives produce healthy honey.

We only place our hives in areas with the widest possible variety and highest quality forage.

Just like us, we know that the more diverse the bee's diet is, the healthier and higher quality the honey they make will be.

We have absolutely NO CANOLA anywhere near our hives.

We have no GMO crops near our hives.

We use no chemicals on or near the hives or the plants in the area.

We have fewer hives per site than a commercial beekeeper: this results in a much healthier bee colony, a healthier hive as well as healthier honey.

We believe in ethical treatment of our bees: We never take all of the honey they produce at any one harvesting and only feed them their own honey during the off season

Honey - Maple Greenview 250ml Immuno Gold

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